I’ve said this a dozen times but it always needs to be repeated! 

The average HR team spends their day logging into different systems. I’ve heard anything from 1 to 25 systems!

And, in a recent survey, 67% of HR professionals reported using more than one solution with 64% considering replacing their current HR tech stack.

TBH: Most HR tech stacks are fragmented and are in desperate need of a revamp. 

There are systems for:

  • Hiring 
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll & benefits
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement 
  • Learning and development 

And at times those systems don’t even work well together! 

But I have some good news… an HRIS can handle most, if not all, of the above! 

A great HRIS can:

  • Serve your employees a better experience 
  • Help the team be more efficient 
  • Produce higher quality data to inform decisions 

It’s the dream to live in one system and handle most of your HR needs in there. 

As your searching for that great HRIS here are 3 features that are must have: 

  1. Useability  (it needs to be fun & flexible!)
  2. Automation capabilities (if it’s not automated, I don’t want it!)
  3. Great reporting (a single source of truth is the dream) 

Need help finding the right HRIS for you and your employees? 

Check out this HRIS Buyer’s Guide and use the checklist to determine which HRIS best fits your business.

Now, let’s dive into those 3 key features! 

#1: Useability 

Here’s an exercise for you!

Ask employees what was the last time they logged into your HR system and why. 

I would put money down that they haven’t logged in recently and it was for something they might be forced to do. UGH. 


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Your HRIS should be something employees are excited and have incentive to log into, otherwise why are you spending money on the system?!

After considering the experience I’ll have as HR using the system the next most important thing is: how your employees experience the system

  Because employee experience is EVERYTHING.

A bonus if the system creates a sense of culture, connection and fun!  ❤️

Your employees want:

  • A central place to log in to see things like an org chart, holiday schedule, who is OOO
  • A go-to for all their important documents like offer letter, pay stubs, company documents 
  • A simple system to input PTO (it’s already stressful trying to take a vacay!)
  • An easy way to update personal information
  • A place they can connect and engage with other employees 
  • The ability to give & receive recognition 

I’ve worked somewhere that to accomplish all of the above employees would have had to go into 4 different systems. FOUR.

And I felt the impact of multiple systems first hand. Employees stopped engaging with most HR initiatives. I got the question constantly: what system am I doing this in? And some employees just stopped doing important things like inputting PTO and giving recognition and I had to chase them down. It was miserable.

Are you having this experience too??

A great HRIS is one that gets used regularly by everyone – not just HR. 

One of the greatest HRIS? HiBob 

I was excited to partner with Hibob on this deep dive because they have one of the sleekest and most modern HRIS systems I’ve seen that covers the full employee lifecycle! 

✨They’ve created a fun central place for your employees to engage that doesn’t feel like you’re logging into an HR system.

Imagine being able to log in to see all the things you need AND you’re also able to view company wide recognition, join clubs, and connect with others. Soon it becomes the hub for all things people to your employees AND for you as the HR professional. 

Not only that – if you have a multinational workforce HiBob helps you adhere to compliance regulations and is flexible enough to adapt to your organization’s ever changing needs! Work from anywhere becomes easy peasy. 

My favorite fun fact: The platform is actually named, Bob! So it feels like you’re working with a new friend rather than a new tool.

Additional reading: this blog dives into how they use the platform internally! I LOVE when companies actually use their own tools. 

#2: Automation 

HR teams are being tasked with more than ever before. – said every HR person ever

Instead of drowning under that task list, you should look to your HR system and think: what can I automate? 

Here are a few spots where I KNOW there are things you can automate:

  • Hiring
  • Preboarding 
  • Onboarding
  • Offboarding 
  • Leave

Fun fact: 80% of organizations consider HR automations a key strategy to help meet their goals in the next five years.

Any task that you do repetitively is a chance to automate!!

Curious how to automate your tasks? Check out this resource. 

Automating your tasks gives you more time to do more work that can make a huge impact on engagement, productivity and company performance! 

Spoiler alert: Your HRIS should be able to automate things for you. If your current HRIS doesn’t have that functionality, it’s time to look elsewhere. 

#3: Great reporting 

If the average HR team is working across 2+ systems then they’re probably experiencing what I call data hell. 

Data hell = multiple data sources that aren’t connected in any way. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good spreadsheet. The thrill of numbers, findings, oooooh the power!! Data is CLEARLY my love language. 

But having data living in different systems and having to download static data to uncover findings is… terrible

Once you build a report, the next time you want to reference that data it’s already obsolete. 

Let’s daydream for a second. 

Imagine you log into your HRIS and there are pre-built dashboards with all the important KPIs you care about like open headcount, average salary, attrition, PTO taken etc. All that data at your fingertips. 

Never again will you have to download a data set, import multiple data sources and attempt to build a report again. 

That sounds… truly magical. 

With the right HRIS that’s no longer the dream – it’s a reality. 

With HiBob, that can be your reality. Bob provides customizable reporting, improved productivity and engagement, and a single source of truth for data.

My favorite part? Their reporting and dashboards functionality. 

In a second you can have real time data in front of you to inform your decisions around headcount, hiring, engagement, and retention. You can even leverage pre-built reports!

You’d never ask other business leaders to make decisions without data – so why would HR???

Pinch me, I’m dreaming! 

Time to level up your HRIS: 

Want to go from 9 systems to 1 or 2? 

☎️ Dial 1-800-let Hebba Help U

JK, that’s clearly not a real number. 

✋ Here’s ONE thing you can do NOW:

Start looking for an HRIS that can help you consolidate or integrate with your systems. 

✍️ Schedule a demo with HiBob to learn how they can help you consolidate, optimize and integrate with your present systems.

A great HRIS:

  • Excites your employees (is possible, I promise!)
  • Automates your repetitive tasks (will alleviate some burn out)
  • Empowers your HR team with relevant AND important data 

If you’re ready for an upgrade, you need to check out HiBob. Learn more about their solutions here.

Their platform checks all the boxes:

✔️made for ALL users regardless of location, work from ANYWHERE 

✔️automations to help streamline workforce planning and more!

✔️a single source of truth for your data to help you improve productivity, engagement and business. 

Did I mention they were named as one of Time Magazine’s best inventions in 2022?

Well folks, that’s a wrap on this deep dive! 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about one of my favorite tools. I’m looking forward to sharing more tools with y’all in the future.

Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef

Get insights, learnings, and advice on how to build companies and cultures that people actually love.

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