Welcome to the second edition of 5 gifts your HR actually wants

✨Tis the season ✨

Below you’ll find the perfect gifts for the HR person in your life, sooo you

If I missed anything be sure to reply with your additions!

Saying no can be really scary and TBH it doesn’t come naturally to most folks. 

But then to muster the courage to say no and then be shot down and told to have to do that thing anyways is freakin’ heartbreaking! 

What I’ve consistently heard from HR teams this year is that they are burned out. 

Something needs to change! 

It starts with saying no and having that boundary respected. 

If you don’t know how to do that, I got you!

Here are 7 tips for saying no.

HR for HR rarely exists and if it does it sometimes comes with complications.

Like, can I really trust this person or what happens with what I say to will this end up impacting my ability to grow here??

I’ve been there! 

Truthfully, I struggled for a long time without a community of HR friends who could help me quickly or even just be a quick gut check for me. 

This job can be really lonely. 


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Now more than ever, you need a community. 

Our social connection has been declining since the pandemic started and social connection is SO IMPORTANT, it has been shown to lead to longer life, improved wellbeing and better health!!

Okay, clearly I’m biased AF but my community Safe Space has greatly improved my life this past year. ❤️

With over 200+ brilliant HR leaders in the community I can:

  • Get answers to a question quickly: most recently I asked what are 3-5 questions that would be good to include in an end of year reflection exercise.
  • Get access to resources: most recently I asked if anyone had a sample T&E policy I could view – I got one that I could easily modify for my org’s needs. No need to recreate the wheel!
  • Scream into the void: yes we have a channel to anonymously scream about things that are bugging us at work. It’s so helpful to know you’re not alone in the problems you’re facing. 

✨ There are also perks like: ✨

  • Contributing to the Friday Dear Hebba & Friends newsletter to grow your personal brands and spread your thought leadership. 
  • Steep discounts on everything I release like courses, live events, conferences etc 
  • IRL community meet ups! Wherever city I’m in, I’ll be hosting meetups. Call me Carmen Sandiego.

If you’re thinking NAH community ain’t for me, humor me for one second?

Question: What’s your plan for tackling employee engagement and retention in 2024?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to figure it out alone? That you could have a network of talented, brilliant, and innovative HR leaders to collaborate with and bring a plan back to your team filled with solutions AND best practices?

I’d say pinch me I’m dreaming!️ 

Well that can be a reality with Safe Space…

⭐️ 2024 is YOUR TIME TO SHINE. ⭐️

Okay, I’m done raving – check it out!

You know I LOVE feedback, so i’d love to understand what’s holding ya back from being part of this community! There may be other ways I can support ya., reply to this with your thoughts. ❤️

98% of HR professionals report being burned out.  

Something that could help avoid and maybe reduce your burnout? 

✨ Self care ✨

There are 5 types of self care:

  1. Physical 
  2. Social 
  3. Mental 
  4. Spiritual 
  5. Emotional 

BTW: Self care looks different for each person! 

But here are a few things that have truly helped me step up my self-care practice:  

Journaling. My brilliant friend Cassandra has authored this journal to help with gratitude and weekly reflection. There are even unique coaching prompts and inspirational quotes! I set aside 5-10 mins every morning to journal. It makes the start of the day much better. 

⚒️ Pro-tip: set a goal to journal and see how it makes you feel! If it’s not for you, then find what does work for you. 

Reading. I’m at 71 books already this year! I made it a priority to try to read every day and so far I have a 241-day streak. Can you tell I love data???  I usually get into bed an hour before I would sleep and put away my phone to read instead.

If you need some inspo for what to read here’s Time’s list of the 100 must read books of 2023. One of my favorite reads this year? Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross. 

Exercising. Finding a way to be physically active daily has helped me manage my stress. My two favorite activities are walking and barre! 

‍♀️ You can try barre3 for 14 days for free! You don’t even need to use props if you don’t want to! If you do want props, I recommend getting 3 pound weights & a set of bands and you’re good to go. 

Here’s some inspo for developing your self-care plan

It’s time for some self care y’all!

Something you and LeBron have in common? You’re also the GOAT. 

Too cheesy? 


To get in the zone you need:

  1. This playlist 
  2. A perfect pair of headphones

 I think every HR person needs a decent pair of headphones to drown out the noise! 

Not me muting Slack and blasting Bleachers while trying to get some work done today!

Something really powerful? ⚡️⚡️

Mapping out your vacation for the next year and all the ways you can escape work.

Future you will thank you and view it as a present that you pre-scheduled some time to rest, relax, and recharge. 

And it doesn’t have to be some extravagant plan. I love a good staycation to explore my city, venture to new places, and to learn to sit in silence. 

My never ending struggle. 


✨ manifesting this for us! ✨

Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef

Get insights, learnings, and advice on how to build companies and cultures that people actually love.

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