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HR leaders don’t have it easy. There’s always a fire to put out, your org is always changing, and the rules keep evolving. No wonder you hate it here. Us people people are all going through it. Vent, get real time advice, meet your new HR bestie, and stay cool + calm + compliant in our very own safe space community.

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Surround yourself with HR leaders who get it

Most of the time, HR & People leaders don’t have anyone to talk to about their work. Ironic, huh? Our community gives you access to 300+ peers who know exactly what you’re going through — and they want to help. Get tactical advice, in-depth resources, IRL meet-ups, personal intros to expand your network, and more.

It’s more than work, it’s emotional support

Safe Space is like HR therapy. And on your most overwhelming days, when you have no one on your team to turn to, our community is here. From #ManifestationMonday to celebrating your promotion or even just sharing our most recent celebrity sightings, Safe Space makes work fun.

Get advice from experts

Employee Engagement

We don’t just discuss best practices — we share tactics and templates for how to create them.

CEO Management

Need help solving hard problems? Our community of experts is here with thoughtful advice, resources —and emotional support.

Hybrid Work

Get ahead of trends in our industry — and get advice, tactics, and templates for how to drive change in your org.

We meet up at least once a month — sometimes to learn, sometimes to vent, sometimes just to hang out. Check out our calendar...

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