7: S1 E7: Managing Relationships At Work

Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef
May 10, 2023


Over 50% of all employees are stressed out at work. Could it have anything to do with the fact that in the same survey, 69% of managers said they felt uncomfortable actually managing them?


In this live virtual event, Hebba chats with the co-founder of the employee-centric HR suite, Skillcycle, about the role that power dynamics play in the managing workplace relationships. How do you show empathy to employees who feel powerless in the workplace, and what can you do when the people without power have no one that looks like them in those positions of power? 


Hebba and Rebecca talk about managing conflict with difficult coworkers, some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to navigating relationships at work, and how to handle a leader with a low EQ.


Plus, stay tuned at the end as they field audience questions. 


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Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef