S4 E5: Dear Hebba: HR’s Juiciest Questions Answered, with Erica Spitale

Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef
May 20, 2024

How can you help employees when a company is small and has limited growth opportunities? What happens when an employer insists there’s a dress code… but only for curvier employees?  

Hebba and talent strategist/culture connoisseur Erica Spitale tackle some super juicy questions submitted by listeners. From navigating terminations without legal repercussions to encouraging CEOs to offer more health benefits, they’re tackling a wide range of topics that any HR professional or leader can relate to.

Tune in as Hebba and Erica break down the importance of trust in the workplace, go over the challenges of unrealistic expectations, and explain the value of seeking consistent feedback. 

Plus, how can you handle dress code policies, toxic leaders, and professional development opportunities in small companies? You won’t want to miss this expert-level advice—tune in now!

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00:01:51 – Avoiding Values Misalignment in Companies

00:03:29 – How to Handle Unhappy Employees

00:09:01 – How to Handle Toxic Leadership

00:13:24 – Regaining Trust in the Workplace

00:17:03 – When Details for a Promotion are Fabricated

00:22:17 – Managing Professional Development in Small Companies

00:27:03 – Encouraging CEOs to Offer Health Benefits

00:33:31 – Considerations for Transitioning from Operations to HR

00:39:06 – Navigating Employee Relations in Nonprofits

00:41:49 – Setting Realistic Expectations and Seeking Feedback

00:47:39 – Curvier Woman Faces Dress Code Dilemma


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Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef