S4 E8: The Real Reason New Hires Don’t Stick Around, with Rhona Pierce

Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef
June 10, 2024

With grandiose job descriptions, and rose-tinted portrayals of the workplace, is it really any wonder there are a lot of problems in recruiting boiling underneath the surface??

A lot of retention problems actually start in the recruiting process.. 

Is it that far of a stretch to understand why new hires are noping out of fresh jobs in the first six months?

Def not. 

In the quest to find the perfect hire, job descriptions and interview tactics often portray a false image of what the position actually entails. So why aren’t recruiters being more honest about the roles they’re hiring for? Hebba chats with Talent Acquisition Consultant and Content Creator Rhona Pierce about how the recruitment system is broken and what HR can do to fix it. How can recruiters be more honest about job descriptions and work culture in their hiring practices?

Hebba and Rhona debate if there’s a way to make employees understand the full scope of a job’s duties during the interview process before revealing some of the best practical strategies that can help retain, attract, and engage qualified talent. 

00:00:10 – Recruiting Misconceptions: Valuable Talent Acquisition

00:02:52 – Company Actions That Prompt Immediate Resignation

00:05:01 – Navigating the Gap Between Job Expectations and Reality

00:09:28 – Why People Quit

00:15:14 – Is Recruiting Broken?

00:19:26 – Truth in Interviews

00:23:47 – Asking Questions Before Accepting a Job

00:27:24 – Navigating the Current Job Market

00:36:51 – Transparent Recruiting: Setting Clear Expectations

00:39:35 – Aligning Job Expectations Through Communication

00:44:15 – Maximizing Preparation for Successful Hiring

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Hebba Youssef
Hebba Youssef