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Simply put, pay transparency is good business.

When you have it, it makes company culture better.

When you don’t, it doesn’t just hurt culture — it can hurt the whole company.

Lawsuit, anyone?

Bottom line: You can’t afford to skip pay transparency, especially as laws change.

If you work in HR or People Ops, this course is for you.

We built this course to help you:
Understand everything you need to know about pay transparency
Create pay transparency at your organization through templates, tools, and best practices
Get buy-in from your executives and managers
Communicate effectively to employees
… and, at the end of the day, this course is here to help you become the best HR & People leader you can be.

Ready to knock it out of the park?

Pay transparency will define the future of your organization.

Trust between employers and employees is one of the key performance indicators of a company's success.

Want to build trust? Start with pay transparency.

It's critical to showing your team that you're committed to workplace fairness and equitable compensation. 

Ready to your team — and your skills — to the next level?